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Conserve It demonstrates break-through product at IBTech@ARBS

Conserve It were recently involved with a number of presentations and demonstrations at the IBTech@ARBS precinct within ARBS.

This dedicated area at Australia’s only international air conditioning, refrigeration and building services trade exhibition, explored the future of connected buildings, enabled by intelligent and sustainable design.

Conserve It’s break-through product range of Edge IoT Controllers were part of a live product demonstration held by Pravesh Badjoonauth. At the ARBS Product Presentation Theatre, Chirayu also demonstrated the entire product range of Conserve It developed and distributed products.

The final highlight of Conserve It’s ARBS involvement was Chief Software Architect, Richard McElhinney’s presentation on Semantic Modelling Applications. As part of the IBTech@ARBS Insight Series, Richard spoke about the goal of streamlining processes of working with massive data sets to make unlocking value from these systems easier.

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