Conserve It is  

  • Global OEM, Premier Developers & Large Distributor 

  • 2nd largest Distributor of Tridium Niagara in Asia Pacific 

  • Only Authorised Distributor in Australia 

  • Only one of few Distributors who can self-license Niagara Products in Asia Pacific 

  • Niagara Portability (PIN) Partner (less than 10 PIN partners globally) 



Conserve It is  

  • Only SkySpark Value Added Distributor in AUS / NZ / Italy and first & largest in Asia Pacific & Middle East 

  • Conserve It can self license SkySpark to SIs and End Customers 

  • Conserve It has resources to design and deploy SkySpark Projects  

  • In the process of being Certified Trainers for SkySpark

  • In the process of developing a Conserve It SkySpark Analytics at the Edge embedded on an edge controller (less than 5 companies in world) 


Conserve It is  

  • Dell OEM for Dell EDGE Gateways and customised OS to suit Smart Buildings requirements.  

  • Provide award winning Central Plant Optimization product PlantPRO and its OEM versions on robust and reliable Dell platform.  


Conserve It is  

  • Only Lynxpsring Distributor in AUS / NZ / SE Asia & Italy with rights to sell globally.  

  • First Lynxpsring development partner globally.  

  • Ported Niagara to and Developed Applications on Oynxx Platform 


Head Office Australia

Conserve It Pty Ltd

Level 6, 10 Artemis Lane

Melbourne VIC 3000      

1300 600 432



Italy Office

Conserve It SrL

Piazza Della Serenissima, 20/12, Castelfranco Veneto (TV) CAP 31033

Singapore Office

Conserve It Pte Ltd

6 Tagore Drive, #01-02 Tagore Building, Singapore 787623    

+39 06 8346 4400

+65 6457 7877

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