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Niagara Falls, Ontario

Savvy building owners and managers know it can pay off to upgrade their property’s heating and cooling systems to make them more effective and energy efficient. That’s what the managers of a six-storey commercial office building in downtown Niagara Falls, Ontario knew, when they decided in 2016 to make the investment in a
mechanical system upgrade in conjunction with the deployment of PlantPRO.

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100 Queen St, Melbourne

PlantPRO was installed and commissioned at 100 Queen Street, taking over control of the existing four chillers and associated pumps. The result was a $27,000 12-month energy cost savings with a 2 year payback period. 100 Queen Street is an iconic commercial office building in the heart of Melbourne. The HVAC systems employ four chillers with a total capacity of 5,090kW as well as corresponding water pumps totaling over 200kW.

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ANU, Canberra

PlantPRO was installed a part of a chilled water plant controls upgrade process. New variable speed drives were also installed on the pumps and a Schneider Building Management System installed by Conserve It’s PlantPRO value-added partner, Airmaster. The John Curtain School for Medical Research is a special purpose building designed to combine a public interface with state-of-the-art secure research and laboratory facilities.

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1 collins.jpg

1 Collins St, Melbourne

With no outside air capabilities to allow for energy-efficient fresh air to replace chiller operation in cooler months, an
innovative approach to plant optimisation has created a virtual economy cycle for a 17-level commercial office tower in Melbourne’s CBD.

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Melbourne Cityscape

833 Collins St, Melbourne

PlantPRO was to be installed at this site
to both optimise the operation of the central plant and to provide advanced measurement and reporting capabilities to the facility. Since the deployment of PlantPRO, the site seen a 30% energy saving compared to the previous year.

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Innovation Place, Sydney

has been designed to a 5–star
Australian Building Greenhouse Rating and as such has a strong focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Deployment of PlantPRO resulted in an 11% energy saving and estimated cost savings of $42,600 per annum.

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Sheraton Mirage, Gold Coast

As part of a $26 million refurbishment program undertaken by the owners of the Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa on Queensland’s Gold Coast, PlantPRO was installed and commissioned, resulting in energy savings of over $250,000 per annum.

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forest hill.jpg

Forest Hill, Melbourne

PlantPRO was installed at this site to both optimise the operation of the central plant and to provide advanced measurement and reporting capabilities to the facility, resulting in cost savings of $13,800.00 per annum.

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40 Cameron Ave, Canberra

PlantPRO was installed to take performance measurements over various operating conditions to compare this against manufacturer data. This data is typically difficult to obtain out in the field with the chiller operating under real world operating conditions. 

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Grand Plaza, Brisbane

As part of an intelligent upgrade  of Grand Plaza Shopping Centre’s chiller
plant, PlantPRO has resulted in a reduction in overall operating costs of approximately 25% in summer, and approximately 10% in winter/autumn.

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coolemant court preview.jpg

Cooleman Court, Canberra

PlantPRO was installed at Canberra's Cooleman Court Shopping Centre, along with optimised chiller sequencing, resulting in a 12.3% reduction in energy consumption in year one and a 22.3% reduction in year two. 

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Westfield Hornsby, Sydney

An independent Measurement and Verification study on the effects of a chiller plant upgrade to PlantPRO has shown a significant reduction in energy consumption of over 10% compared to the previous controls solution.

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CLP Sham Shui Po

PlantPRO was installed at CLP Sham Shui Po resulting in increased energy efficiency after its deployment, achieving >20% energy savings from the reporting period of July 2020 to July 2021.

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