PlantPRO CORE is a low cost, high feature chiller plant control system based on the award-winning PlantPRO 2.0 solution.

Introducing PlantPRO CORE®

Built on the success of PlantPRO 2.0, Conserve It has released PlantPRO CORE – a low cost, high feature chiller plant control system.


Incorporating the trusted and proven control algorithms of PlantPRO 2.0 with a light weight yet informative HTML5 user experience, PlantPRO CORE is the ideal control system for chiller plant control projects that are particularly cost sensitive.

As with PlantPRO 2.0, PlantPRO CORE will include the ability to control chillers, pumps and cooling towers in a very wide array of plant configurations. Users will be able to monitor current plant operating conditions in PlantPRO core via responsive HTML5 user interface on either desktop, mobile or tablet without the need for JAVA or similar supporting software.


PlantPRO 2.0’s reliable charting and alarming features will be present in PlantPRO CORE to allow end users to chart historical data


Conserve It has released PlantPRO CORE on the highly reliable edge IoT controller - CI-534 series hardware.

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