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PlantPRO, designed and developed by Conserve It, is an optimisation and control solution that reduces chiller plant energy use, resulting in significant cost-savings.  


Chiller plant equipment performs differently in different conditions. Conventional controls solutions are not adequately equipped to optimise the chiller plant in real-time. PlantPRO is able to factor in trade-offs between equipment and selects the best combination of equipment for any given situation.

Deploy and Connect PlantPRO Hardware

Deployed on-site on embedded hardware, PlantPRO builds a digital twin of the chiller plant, replicating chiller plant operation across all conditions. Machine-learning algorithms update in real-time, continuously optimising the chiller plant, resulting in energy and cost savings.   With no cloud subscription fees, PlantPRO ensures no downtime as there is zero reliance on a stable internet connection.


Machine-learning and Data Capture

PlantPRO builds a digital twin of the chiller plant, predicting its energy usage in any situation, regardless of cooling demands, weather conditions or control setpoints.  


Machine-learning algorithms update in real-time, recording data and continuously capturing equipment performance degradation over time.

Real-time, Continuous Optimisation

Advanced mathematical optimisation algorithms allow for PlantPRO to assess, in real-time, the efficiency of countless scenarios in order to select the one that results in the greatest efficiencies.  


During live operation, PlantPRO considers key variables, such as the number and load distribution between chillers and the condenser water flow setpoint in order to provide continuous optimisation.

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Achieve OngoingEnergy and Cost Savings

In commercial buildings, HVAC is by far the most energy intensive system, accounting for close to half of the total energy consumption. Efficient chiller plant operation provides a value-generating opportunity for every building.   PlantPRO is proven to achieve up to 40% energy savings and has done so at over 200 chiller plants in more than 20 countries around the world.

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