SkySpark Essentials Class

24-26 February 2020

Conserve It Head Office, Melbourne

The SkySpark Essentials Class is the ideal way to get started with SkySpark. This 3-day program provides students with the essential information to start to use and implement SkySpark. The training program consists of 5 modules, each of which builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous Module.

SkySpark Advanced Axon Techniques

27-28 February 2020

Conserve It Head Office, Melbourne

The Advanced Axon Techniques class is the ideal way to take your Axon skills to the next level. This 2-day program provides students with a variety of topics and exercises based on around real-world examples incorporating best practices for implementing SkySpark.

Niagara Summit 2020

19-21 April 2020

Manchester Hyatt, San Diego, CA

The Niagara Summit is where the Niagara community comes together to exchange ideas, make connections, gain valuable insight into industry trends and help shape the future of the Niagara platform.




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