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Niagara 4 Training

Thinktech in person and virtual classes

Niagara 4 TCP classes are now available via ThinkTech! Spots are limited, so act fast!

Price (AUD): 
Product               Price

N4 TCP               $3,650 + GST

N4 Extend          $3,050 + GST

N4 Advanced     $3,650 + GST

N4 Analytics.      $1,900 + GST

To book a spot, please send a PO to


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Lynxspring Niagara e-Learning Center

The Lynxspring Learning Center is an extensive library of Niagara computer-based training modules that support our solutions and products and further helps our partners to innovate with our technology and grow their business.
To enquire, contact


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> License Agreement


View the Webinar
> The Continued Movement to the Enabled Edge

Free Niagara eLearning and “How To” Training Videos

> Tridium University

Tridium University educates the Niagara Community with award-winning instructors and certified training partners. Our virtual and instructor-led training courses are complemented by elearning courses to offer convenience and value. 

> Niagara PRO Tips


> Thinktech Niagara "How To" Video Library

> Lynxspring resources

SkySpark Essentials Web-based training

SkyFoundry Certified Instructor and Partner - Building Fit will host the next cycle of training starting on Monday May 11. The training will be presented in one 90-minute session per day scheduled from 12:00PM – 1:30PM ET (New York time), Monday – Thursday over two weeks. 

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Fantom Factory Skyspark elearning

Conserve It is pleased to distribute new virtual Fantom Factory led SkySpark courses. These courses complement the SkySpark Essentials and Axon courses.

  • SkySpark Core Training Package
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.SkySpark core training teaches everything needed to start using SkySpark – in as little as 5 days. *Designed for beginners in any user role.* NO software installations, NO licencing, NO programming knowledge, and NOpre-requisite training needed! Digital tooling, CE accreditation, certification, and longterm access to training materials are all included with our eLearning platform. (self-paced @ approx. 5-9 days)
  • SkySpark Analyst (core)
    An entry-level course to introduce SkySpark to a complete beginner. Understand how to use the main SkySpark applications to find and analyse real data. (self-paced @ approx. 1-2 days)
  • SkySpark Engineer (core)
    Build your first SkySpark project with records and tags, add rules, and use a connector to bind and configure points. (self-paced @ approx. 2-4 days)
  • SkySpark Viewbuilder (core)
    Explore and create SkySpark dashboards and views with our practical exercises and guided walkthroughs. (self paced @ approx. 2-3 days)
  • Axon Programmer (expansion)
    For SkySpark programmers to develop a deep understanding of the Axon programming language core syntax from the very beginning. (self paced @ approx. 3-5 days)

FantomFactory are a Provider of Training Excellence, awarding internationally recognised CPD certification hours for each course.


All of FantomFactory courses come with 8 weeks of access.


> SkySpark Training Overview


Purchase these courses through Conserve It, and you get to use your VAR multiplier. If you are a VAR, your pricing is (in USD):

Product                                               List Price       

SkySpark Analyst (core)                     $195

SkySpark Engineer (core)                  $295

SkySpark Viewbuilder (core)             $235

Axon Programmer (expansion)         $395 

SkySpark Core Training Package      $735


Interested? Here is the rundown on the order process:


  1. Send us a purchase order/request an invoice for number of items at your VAR rate to

  2. After payment, we will issue you the course access codes and instructions document (attached).

  3. You can distribute these codes internally within your organisation as you will - keeping track of who has received them. This helps our support channels if we have access problems from the end user!

  4. The end user will need to use a code and create a training account to get started.

More video resources on YouTube here

DGLux Online Remote training

Self paced training per the training agenda. Training available on request.

Cost: AUD $2,000 + GST per person. Email for details

> Free DGLux Tutorial Videos

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