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Lynxspring Announces New Technology Solution and Distribution Agreement with Conserve It

“Partnership supports innovation and distribution of Building, Industrial, Energy Management and IoT Solutions in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific”

Lee’s Summit, MO. USA and Melbourne, Australia, 19 July 2017

Lynxspring, a premier developer and provider of open, IoT solutions for intelligent buildings, energy management, and device-to-enterprise integration and Conserve It, a leading supplier, developer and distributor of industrial and building automation products, solutions and services, today announced a new partnership and strategic relationship.

Conserve It has joined Lynxspring’s distributor and innovation partner program. Through the partnership, Conserve It will expand the reach of Lynxspring’s recently announced portfolio of JENEsys® Edge™ IoT Controllers, based on the Niagara Framework®, and their series of Bridges, Gateways and Data Pumps based on Lynxspring’s Onyxx® hardware platform, to deliver new edge connectivity, interoperability, data access and analytics for today’s buildings, energy management, industrial and IoT applications throughout Australia, New Zealand and selected regional areas.

As part of the partnership agreement, Conserve It will be re-branding the Onyxx hardware and porting Niagara 4 onto it, as well as releasing the JENEsys® Edge™ 534 IoT Controllers as CI-534-N4 with Niagara 4 ported on them and Oynxx XMIO34 and XMIO34-B and CI-XMIO34 and CI-XMIO34-B specifically for the Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific markets.

The partnership reflects a shared commitment to deliver simplified, flexible, and high-performance solutions that will provide customers faster time-to-application value with reduced operating costs.

“Partnering with Lynxspring expands Conserve It’s strategy to deliver a variety of solutions and service choices to our customers” said Chirayu Shah, Conserve It’s General Manager.”We are excited about collaborating with Lynxspring to leverage the full power of their technology and product portfolio to deliver actionable insight and control to optimize building operations, equipment lifetime, energy management and performance”.

“Together Lynxspring and Conserve It are co-innovating in the intelligent building and equipment environment to address edge control and access to data for today’s increasingly IoT enabled building and smart equipment landscape”, said Marc Petock, Lynxspring’s Chief Communications Officer and Vice President, Marketing. “With this partnership, Lynxspring will further extend the availability of our edge and IoT solutions that enable owners and operators to manage their buildings and equipment efficiently all the while conserving resources and energy”.

About Lynxspring

Embracing open software and hardware platforms, Lynxspring develops, manufactures and distributes edge-to-enterprise solutions and IoT technology for today’s intelligent buildings, energy management, and equipment control and specialty machine-to-machine applications in IoT environments. Lynxspring’s technologies simplify connectivity, integration, interoperability and data accuracy and exchange from the edge to the enterprise. For more information about Lynxspring, visit


Marc Petock Chief Communications Officer and Vice President, Marketing Lynxspring, Inc. +1-877-649-5969



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