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Niagara 4.9u1 is coming soon

The general availability of Niagara Framework® 4.9u1 is just around the corner. This release is an update build to Niagara Framework® 4.9 and includes updates to the latest JRE and Bouncycastle libraries as well as certain security fixes from other software providers. Also, 4.9u1 contains several critical defect fixes which address a BACnet MSTP timing issue along with an issue whereby TLS connections to a FIPS-enabled platform no longer work. In addition, other libraries were also updated to the latest versions to address bug fixes. Customers are strongly encouraged to migrate to this latest release of Niagara 4.

NIAGARA 4.9 Features Review

  • Single Sign-On with Niagara as an Identity Provider: Securely navigate Niagara Stations using Single Sign-On (SSO) with Niagara as the identity provider (IdP), instead of manually configuring and managing an external IdP. SSO allows users to login into one station and access all other connected stations via a browser without having to re-authenticate.

  • Enhanced Graphics with Tag-Based Visualization: Create a graphical user interface (GUI) for your Niagara station based entirely on tags. Tag based PX bindings allow you to create graphics based on tags once, and then reuse for any other Niagara instance that features tags.

  • Edge 10 – IO Expansion: Edge 10 now supports two IO-R-34 modules and allows control of both onboard and remote IO with ACE. Utilize the Edge 10 for more applications by enabling critical control of field equipment that require additional IO modules. License refresh required.

  • Cloud Connectivity: New connectivity options reduce the time and complexity of integrating Niagara with cloud solutions:

    • Updates to Niagara MQTT driver to support AWS (Amazon Web Services) Authentication.

    • New JSON Toolkit makes it easy to construct bespoke messages into required formats for cloud communication.

  • Improved Edge Tools: The latest updates make it easier to upgrade installed application templates and provide greater flexibility when defining and configuring peer device and/or station proxies upon installation of an application template.

  • Niagara Proxy Service Enhancements: The Niagara Proxy Service now supports HTTPS connections and a digest authentication scheme, facilitating improved IT compliance and enabling modern web services that utilize secure connectivity behind corporate IT proxy servers.

  • Niagara Security History Log: The Security History Log provides users with an understanding of who, or what, is logging into or changing security related settings on your Niagara instance,

  • Third-Party Module Signing: The security posture of any Niagara installation is stronger when all third-party modules are signed. Niagara now enforces this best practice and makes administrators aware of unsigned modules, automatically eliminating the risk that modules may have been tampered with or come from an untrustworthy source. To allow developers sufficient time to transition to signing their code, this feature began its rollout in Niagara 4.8. In Niagara 4.9, all modules must be signed by a valid, trusted certificate (may be self-signed).

  • HTML5 Video Streaming: Milestone and Axis video drivers have been updated to eliminate java dependencies in the browser. These enable the video streams associated with alarms to be viewed directly from the Niagara alarm console, and they permit you to add video links to your system graphics to enhance building intelligence. With HTML5 streaming, mobile devices can also access these video streams, enabling remote users to quickly assess situations in their facility and react accordingly.

  • ACE on Third-Party Hardware: Originally released in 4.8 for Edge 10, Niagara's ACE deterministic engine enables users to make changes to logic and load the updated code without a complete shutdown. When shut-down is necessary, start-up is faster with ACE. Niagara 4.9 gives third-party vendors creating controllers powered by Niagara the option to include ACE on their platforms. ACE is available to partners as Early Access to be officially released in 4.10. Look for announcements from your favorite ‘Powered by Niagara’ controller as ACE is rolled out.

  • Updated OS and Enterprise Applications: In Niagara 4.9, we have added support for a number of new operating systems and enterprise applications (new additions in bold type). As with all software products, we must also deprecate support for some operating systems and enterprise applications. Click here for a list of deprecated products that will not be supported as of Niagara 4.9.

So what is this course?

The Niagara 4 Analytics certification course provides a foundation to use the analytics package. The course is delivered over 2 days and covers all aspects of Analytics package. All demonstrations are provided using real life software environment. All students are encouraged to work through series of labs designed to reinforce learning. The program is designed for system integrators and engineers certified in Niagara 4, that are willing to learn about the power of analytics platform. The course ends with the exam testing the knowledge of main Niagara 4 Analytics areas, after passing the exam, the attendee is awarded the official Niagara certificate through Tridium University website. The certificate demonstrates the expertise to use Niagara 4 Analytics and allows working on Tridium equipment worldwide.

Why become N4 Analytics Certified?

  • Stop paying others to do analytics for you.

  • Pick up extra revenue on projects.

  • Stay ahead of the competition.

  • Use real time analytics at the edge.

  • Create awesome algorithms, graphs and reports.

  • You own the data, you optimize the building performance.

  • Don't let others tell you how to do your job.

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