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Niagara Web Launcher now Available for Download

As previously communicated, Oracle announced the end-of-life of Java SE 8 (Standard Edition). Free public updates for commercial users are no longer available. Customers accessing Niagara with the Java Applet/Web Start are impacted by this change.

Those who have upgraded to full HTML5 versions for your browser front-end will not be affected. For customers who use the Java VM and Java Web Start for their legacy systems, Tridium has developed a suitable alternative, the Niagara Web Launcher.

The Niagara Web Launcher is now available for download. You can download the Niagara Web Launcher using the following links. 

Niagara Web Launcher support is included with the following builds:

  • 4.4U3 - Included in ( Release notes found here

  • 4.7U1 - Included in ( Release notes found here

A patch for Niagara AX 3.8 U4 (3.8.401) is available for download here

  • File name: web.jar

  • File version: 3.8.403.1

Documentation is available in the Niagara Software Center. A short video on the Web Launcher is available here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What versions are available for this? A: AX 3.8U4 and higher, N4.4U3, 4.7U1 and higher. The updates will be in the upcoming N4.8 release and any future AX releases. 

Q: Is documentation available? A: Yes, documentation is available in the Niagara Software Center

Q: Will I have to install an application on client platforms? A: Yes, the updates to the web module will provide end users with an application download and start-up link. 

Q: How will I get the Niagara Web Launcher? A: Please download using the links provided or from the Niagara-Central Software server. We will direct the community to contact to get the appropriate jar files.

Q: Will the JRE for Niagara Supervisor and JACEs still be Oracle J2SE? A: The supervisor and JACE JRE will not be changed as a part of releasing the Niagara Web Launcher.

Q: Will there be some impact (specific bugs, performance, memory) in running 2 different JREs? A: We do not expect any issues. 



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