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Recap: Conserve It Hackathon

Conserve It Business Development Manager Anthony Guiragossian recaps our inaugural Hackathon.

The Conserve It team consists of individuals with immense talent, technical capability, and creativity. These attributes have helped Conserve It maintain a standing as a leading global IoT distributor, developer and disruptor.

On Thursday 6th August we kicked off our inaugural, company-wide multidisciplinary hackathon. Each team member, either individually or as a small team, could create anything they so desired, then present it to the team the following day.

With the team's creativity unleashed, amazing things were created!

Each team member was charged with developing something in line with their interests. Everything the team created was done so with passion and drive in order to develop something new or to improve an existing solution.

From equipment distribution maps to improved development processes, new tools and templates for efficient work to exciting new features for our already feature-packed solutions. The outputs of each project were fascinating, and many of them will become fully-fledged elements of our business process or products moving forward.

Here is a snapshot of a few of the great projects that we saw implemented in just 24 hours.

Advanced python-based savings modelling
New PlantPRO YouTube content

Conserve It technology deployment map

Automated data modeling

Development UX template software

Everybody learned something new throughout the hackathon process, and were able to flex their technical or creative muscle - a win-win for all.

Thank you to everybody at Conserve It for participating in the first-ever Conserve It hackathon. We can't wait to see what will be produced at the next event.

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