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Tosibox launches SaaS

We are happy to bring you the new TOSIBOX® SaaS solution! It is an effortless solution for customers who want to build their secure TOSIBOX® OT network in-house and benefit from a hosted OT network management platform.

Benefits for your business

DEDICATED SaaS We will take care of hosting your OT network management platform, so you will have all the control, privacy, and flexibility of an on-premises OT network without the hosting headache.

EMBEDDED CYBER SECURITY The network secures your sites, identifies the users, and encrypts all the traffic within the network. You don’t have to worry about security updates as they are always kept up to date.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Modular and scalable, TOSIBOX® technology offers unlimited expandability and flexibility from remote access to real-time monitoring and data collection.

SCALING WITH ALL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Unlimited scalability makes it possible to continue to add the sites, devices and users to your OT network as your business grows.

Next steps?

To learn more, contact Conserve It.

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