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Unlocking the Future of Building Automation: Chirayu Shah on Advancing Niagara Integration with MQTT and SparkplugB

At the Niagara Summit, join Chirayu Shah, Vice President of Operations at Conserve It, as a key panelist in the session "Advanced Connectors to Cloud: MQTT Solutions." Chirayu will be sharing the panel with industry experts Michael Melillo and Brian Turner, with Kyle Sardinia from Tridium moderating the discussion.


The panel will delve into the expanding capabilities of Niagara integrations, stretching beyond HVAC and Energy to include comprehensive systems like Lighting, Vertical Transportation, CCTV, and Access Control. As smart-enablement designs become a standard request in specifications, the session will tackle the complexities of integrating broader web service data, such as occupancy and air quality, requiring sophisticated data normalization to maintain a uniform structure, whether it’s through JSON via MQTT or web APIs.


Chirayu will bring to the conversation his in-depth understanding of how Sparkplug enhances edge-to-cloud connectivity, allowing for scalability to an impressive 100,000 points on a single node and supporting crucial two-way communications for applications such as grid management and demand response. He will also provide specifics on the role of Sparkplug in standardizing MQTT topic namespaces, device state management, and payloads.


With Conserve It’s innovative integration of CI-Sparkplug Niagara module, Chirayu will illustrate the secure cloud connectivity it offers over standard MQTT connectivity. This forward-thinking approach demonstrates Conserve It's role in pushing the boundaries of Niagara 4's application in various IoT and IIoT settings.


Don't miss this pivotal discussion at the Niagara Summit. The insights from Chirayu and his fellow panelists will be invaluable for those looking to harness the power of advanced MQTT solutions for building management and beyond.

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