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Updates to JACE 8000 Effective November 1, 2022

Tridium is providing advance notice of two changes to the JACE 8000 product that will be implemented November 1, 2022.

Beginning on November 1, 2022, Tridium will begin phasing in shipment of new SD cards for JACE 8000 devices. These new SD cards require use of Niagara version 4.9 U1 or later, and are not compatible with earlier Niagara versions. JACE 8000 devices with SD cards shipped prior to November 1, 2022 are unaffected by this change.

Also beginning November 1, 2022, Tridium will deprecate a feature of Niagara that enables versions prior to version 4.8 to run. After that date, the JRE8QNX feature required for pre-4.8 Niagara versions will no longer be included in new JACE 8000 license purchases. As a result, Niagara Stations in pre-4.8 versions of Niagara won’t run with these new licenses. Niagara licenses purchased prior to November 1, 2022 will allow pre-4.8 versions of Niagara Stations to continue to work with JACE 8000 devices.

We strongly encourage you to upgrade your JACE 8000s to the latest version of Niagara at your earliest opportunity, both to take advantage of software improvements and enhancements, and to ensure the compatibility of any new JACE 8000 devices you may purchase in the future that utilize the new SD card.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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