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AHR Expo 2023 - Project Haystack. The Key to Data Modeling and Value

Presenters: Alexander Rohweder, Co-Executive Director, Project Haystack, and Richard McElhinney, Co-Executive Director, Project Haystack

When: Monday, February 6, 2023 at 3:15 PM

Location: W311C

Presented by:

Data has never been more at the forefront within our built environment than today. Its role in managing and operating our buildings and facilities is no longer a nice to have but rather it is a must-have.

The amount of available data and its complexity must be structured uniformly, to make it semantically compatible and interoperable among each other and the stakeholders who use the data. The use of standardized semantic data models to make it easier to unlock value from the vast array of systems, equipment, and devices is vital for any successful use and actions.

With deployments in over 50,000 buildings globally, Project Haystack is a semantic model standard and schema that enables data to be defined and shared across any system, any equipment, any application, or organizational boundary to advance the exchange, interpretation, and use of it. Haystack harmonizes data by providing consistency and puts a unified definition to data and enables users to define their data better and manage the definition of data as an important asset.

This session looks at the latest on Haystack 4, highlights some of the latest initiatives from the organization's working groups, and profiles two recent use cases where Haystack was an integral part in delivering outcomes. Furthermore, the session will provide guidance on how to make new and legacy products, systems and applications off-the-shelf Haystack compatible, as well as how to leverage available open source libraries and documentation.

About the AHR Expo

The AHR Expo is the essential event for HVACR professionals, attracting the most comprehensive gathering of the industry from around the globe each year. The show provides a unique forum where manufacturers and suppliers of all sizes and specialties come together to share ideas and showcase the future of HVACR technology.

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