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Conserve It named Gold Sponsor of Niagara Summit 2020

Conserve It has been named Gold sponsor of Niagara Summit 2020, the premier industry showcase for connected devices and systems.


The Niagara Summit is where the Niagara community comes together to exchange ideas, make connections, gain valuable insight into industry trends and help shape the future of the Niagara platform.

This biennial event gives developers, programmers, building owners, engineers and executives a chance to sit down in the same room and share their thoughts on device-to-enterprise applications and automation infrastructure.

The Niagara Summit is all about conversation — with forums, presentations and breakout sessions providing opportunity for the community to weigh in. Nowhere will you find a more engaged, more galvanized community of Niagara devotees, working together to bring intelligence and connectivity to the network edge and back.


Niagara Framework® is at the heart of some of the most successful projects for intelligent buildings, smart campuses, and projects focused on enterprise-scale, portfolio-wide energy-efficiency management across the globe. You don’t want to miss this biennial event when systems integrators, facility managers, consulting engineers, and other stakeholders in the Niagara Community come together to push the state-of-the-art in data-driven operations.

The Niagara Summit is all about knowledge-sharing and ideas — with forums, presentations and breakout sessions relevant to your business and your customers, now and in the future.


What can you expect from the Niagara Summit? A powerful, hands-on Developer Bootcamp. A cool Niagara Hackathon with prizes and recognition. Amazing keynotes from industry leaders and experts. Relevant and helpful brainstorming sessions. Valuable networking opportunities. Thoughtful discussions about next-generation solutions for automation infrastructure technology.

The Niagara Summit will be held from April 19-21 at the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego.

For more information on Niagara Summit 2020:

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