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Conserve It's Michael Berger to present at AIRAH Forum

Conserve It R&D Engineering Manager Michael Berger will be presenting on “Optimal operation of hybrid (solar and electrical) cooling systems: real-world design experience” at the upcoming AIRAH Renewable Heating and Cooling Forum in Canberra on December 3rd.

AIRAH’s Renewable Heating and Cooling Forum is a one-day event, providing insight into Australia’s renewables heating and cooling sector, its current trends and where it’s headed.

The forum is an opportunity for those interested in the renewable heating and cooling industry to not only attend our forum, but also take part in the Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference and interact/network with its attendees.

Berger will discuss a government-endorsed, Cooperative Research Centres Project (CRC-P) to be delivered by Conserve It in conjunction with CSIRO and Echuca Regional Health.

The project centres on the optimal scheduling of air conditioning systems with renewable energy resource and thermal storage, resulting in an integrated approach for improving energy efficiency and renewable integration using artificial intelligence methods. It will provide a prototype working solution at Echuca Regional Health, which will combine a range of storage systems, energy sources (including onsite solar PV and solar thermal systems), and electric and absorption chillers to meet the building energy needs in an optimal way.

Details of this the control methodology and optimal scheduling of solar cooling systems will be outlined in this presentation.

To find out more and to register for the event visit the AIRAH website.

About Berger:

As the R&D Engineering Manager at Conserve It, Berger leads the R&D efforts to develop innovative chiller plant optimisation, predictive maintenance and advanced controls solutions. Having graduated with a Master of Engineering in France and with experiences in a leading research centre and in environmentally sustainable design consultancy in Singapore prior to joining Conserve It in 2014, he draws on years of experience in the fields of energy efficiency, chiller plant optimisation and energy modelling.

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