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Conserve It to present at ARBS Seminar Series Online

Conserve It's General Manager Chirayu Shah, and R&D Engineering Manager Michael Berger, have been invited to speak at the 2020 ARBS Seminar Series Online.

In a live webinar on HVACPRO - AI:MPC for Optimisation of HVACR Systems with Hybrid Energy Sources including Renewables, Shah and Berger will discuss a government-endorsed, Cooperative Research Centres Project (CRC-P) to be delivered by Conserve It in conjunction CSIRO and Echuca Regional Health. The project centres on the optimal scheduling of air conditioning systems with renewable energy resource and thermal storage, resulting in an integrated approach for improving energy efficiency and renewable integration using artificial intelligence methods. It will provide a prototype working solution at Echuca Regional Health, which will combine a range of storage systems, energy sources (including onsite solar PV and solar thermal systems), and electric and absorption chillers to meet the building energy needs in an optimal way. Details of this the control methodology and optimal scheduling of HVAC&R systems will be outlined in this presentation.

The proposed solution uses an artificial intelligence-supported model predictive controller (AI-MPC) framework. AI-MPC uses a high-level model to generate predictions of system load and resources to minimise operation costs. AI methods will be applied to continuously learn and update the system models based on feedback from measurements, and to generate predictions and define optimal trajectories. Optimal control of these systems during various seasons considering variable demand profile, electricity and gas costs needs to be developed. A working solution for the project is due for delivery by end of 2021.

When: Tuesday, 1st December 2020 WEBINAR @ 1:00 pm

About ARBS Seminar Series Online

ARBS Exhibitions is pleased to launch a series of online seminars featuring leaders, academics, organisations, associations and experts in the HVAC&R and building services industry.

The ARBS Seminar Series Online will commence 17 November with sessions continuing into the new year. The seminars are available and open to all who wish to attend, a small registration fee applies to selected sessions.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in fewer events and conferences. However, the industry remains eager to collaborate and discuss emerging technologies, methodologies, standards and best practice. Furthermore, the ARBS Seminar Series Online aims to reach an even more diverse audience, connecting industry from Australia and throughout the world.

For further information on the ARBS Seminar Series Online, including registration instructions visit:



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