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Exclusive Live Webinar: The Continued Movement to the Enabled Edge

The movement to the Edge and IP-enabled devices is one of the biggest trends happening within the built environment. Edge devices are contributing to a significant shift in the way we connect, process information, make decisions and how we manage and operate buildings.

Join Conserve It and Lynxspring as we discuss the benefits and value delivery of the Edge and look at our embedded controllers and expansion modules that are supporting IP connectivity, integration, interoperability, data access and control at the Edge.

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to diversify your business with Lynxspring's Edge Enabled™ portfolio of Niagara based, IP portfolio of controllers that leverage the same Niagara programming tools, Workbench and Fox Protocol you already use.

  • Get a look at an Edge Enabled™ Horizontal IP Distributed Topology and Architecture Powered by Niagara enabling you to maximize your investment in Niagara and make use of a single platform across the entire building architecture.

The Edge provides the built environment a very practical, accessible and deployable technology that is a game-changer for buildings and facilities of all kinds.


Marc Petock - Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lynxspring

Chirayu Shah - General Manager, Conserve It

Richard McElhinney - Chief Software Architect, Conserve It


Tuesday, June 23, 11.00am AEST

Tuesday, June 30, 1.00pm AEST


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