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Haystack 4 Is Coming – What it Is and Why it Matters

At 2019 Haystack Connect, Haystack 4 was officially launched by John Petze, Executive Director, Project Haystack, and Marc Petock, Executive Secretary, Project Haystack. The following article by Petze, originally published here, outlines what this means to the Haystack Community.

The understanding of the need for semantic modeling of device and equipment data has matured significantly in the last decade and the requirements and techniques for applying semantic modeling to equipment data are advancing rapidly. As we have learned, semantic modeling is critical for humans to work with and understand the ever-increasing amount of data coming from their systems, but the process of manually applying that semantic model is not scalable. We need our tools to simplify and automate how the semantic model is applied.

Haystack 4 builds on the 8 years of experience in applying Haystack across thousands of buildings worldwide, the input from practitioners in the community throughout that time, as well the collaborators that have participated in the activities of Haystack Working Group 551 over the past year. The way you configure tags today using Haystack will not change, but as you will see, the way the tags get modeled within Haystack systems will enable the tools you use to become smarter so you spend less time manually configuring tags and more time getting value out of the raw data coming from your IoT devices.

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To read the full article, click here.

Haystack 4 was a key focus of Haystack Connect 2019, May 13-15, with a full-day track dedicated to a detailed review of Haystack 4.

Detailed documentation describing the Haystack 4 design is available for Public Review on an all new website which can be found at:

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