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JENEsys® Edge™ 534 Monnit Wireless Sensor Controller adds 433 MHz and 868 MHz Options

Conserve It is pleased to announce that Lynxspring has expanded the JENEsys® Edge™ 534 Monnit wireless sensor controller to now include 433 MHz and 868 MHz frequency capabilities.

The additions of 433 MHz and 868 MHz sensor capabilities enables expansion outside of North America into additional countries within Asia and Europe.

As part of Lynxspring's portfolio of Edge Enabled™ products, the JENEsys Edge 534 Monnit Controller offers the full Niagara Framework® stack and a built-in wireless transceiver (now with 900 MHz, 433 MHz, and 868 MHz options) creating a superior edge device for connecting directly to Monnit sensors and deploying a connected sensor network within a building environment. Monnit wireless sensors amplify the benefits of smart building solutions because of their ease of connectivity, and their strong business case for wireless systems.

This multi-purpose controller, combines the full features and functionality of Niagara 4, IP, wireless sensor connectivity, web serving capability, data exchange, and integrated control with an onboard Monnit radio that connects to Monnit sensors, therefore, eliminating the need for additional Monnit gateways. The JENEsys Edge 534 Monnit Controller works with ProBuilder/Niagara Workbench software, standard Niagara 4 programming tools and Fox Protocol, and easily connects to a Niagara Supervisor, an Enterprise, and the Cloud.

Wireless sensors can be configured to measure a variety of variables and play a crucial role in facilitating smart buildings. The versatility and functionality of the JENEsys Edge 534 Monnit Controller, combined with Monnit's leading wireless sensor technology and the industry's most widely deployed building operating platform, makes this a powerful solution. We are providing you with one-platform IP architecture for real-time command, control, and connectivity to a Monnit sensor network, thus reducing setup and management costs and lessening system complexity across an entire building.

Like the 900 MHz option, the 433 MHz and 868 MHz JENEsys Edge 534 Monnit Controller supports nine sensor types, including:

· Button press sensors

· Dry contact sensors

· Humidity sensors

· PIR motion sensors

· 1-input pulse counters

· Temperature sensors

· Tilt sensors

· Commercial ultrasonic ranger

· Water detection sensors

Monnit Wireless Sensors are ideal across a wide range of commercial and industrial buildings including:

· New commercial and industrial buildings (all shapes & sizes)

· Retrofits

· Restaurants and Food Service

· Multi-sites

· HVAC Systems & Equipment

· Convenience Stores

· Coolers/Freezers/Refrigeration

· Data Centers

· Commercial Building Management

· Retail Maintenance Operations

· Hotels and Hospitality

· Medical Clinics/Hospitals

· Greenhouses

· Education

· Storage Facilities

· Equipment such as rooftop units, air handlers, chillers, etc.

More information can be found on Lynxspring's dedicated resource site and by contacting your Regional Sales Manager. Orders can be placed at

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