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Michael Berger to present at CLIMA 2022

Updated: May 19, 2022

Conserve It’s Head of R&D, Michael Berger, will be virutally presenting ‘Real-time Model Predictive Control with Digital Twins and Edge Computing Technologies’ at CLIMA 2022 on the 24th May 2022.

Buildings consume almost a quarter of Worlds Energy Consumption, making them a major source of global emission. In commercial buildings, HVAC is the most energy intensive system, accounting for almost half of the total energy consumption. Berger will discuss using Machine Learning to improve energy efficiency of modern central cooling from implementation to results.

Exploring the different ways to improve HVAC efficiency, the presentation will showcase techniques that deliver advanced Real-time Model Predictive Control on Edge Computing solutions. The presentation will demonstrate how the Digital Twins are used for Model Predictive Control. The solution is intended to operate automatically on site on the Edge on a low-cost embedded controls platform which requires no cloud platform, resulting in cost efficiency and improved cybersecurity profiles and reliability. Such factors contribute to new service opportunities and business models whilst also maintaining the optimal performance of mechanical systems.


24th May 2022


10:18am – 10:30am GMT+2 6:18pm – 6:30pm AEST

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