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Niagara 4.10 Introducing the HTML5 Tag Manager

The new HTML5 Tag Manager provides a modern, intuitive design which makes tagging easier to deploy and comprehend. This new enhancement streamlines the overall tagging workflow through features such as bulk tagging via a browser, context sensitive tagging, seamlessly viewing direct and implied tags, exporting all tags to a spreadsheet for templating and ongoing management, drag-n-drop functionality, and more!

NIAGARA 4.9 Features Review

Our new enhanced tagging workflow and improved user experience will help you get the job done right

  • Enables the bulk tagging of components via an enriched HTML5 Browser Interface

  • Drag-n-drop functionality

  • Seamlessly view direct and implied tags

  • Export all direct and implied component tags to a spreadsheet for templating and ongoing management

  • Integration with the Niagara Search Service

  • Added as a default view on all station components for enhanced flexibility

Harness the power of tagging in your Niagara stations

  • Enables the analysis of large quantities of disparate data

  • Provides essential insight into your building systems and equipment operation

  • Eliminates the inherent issues associated with bespoke point naming schemas

  • Conformity with Division 25 and the prospective ASHRAE Standard 223P

Join this TridiumTalk to learn more about this exciting Niagara 4.10 feature!

Date: February 11, 2021

Time: 11am Eastern Time (New York, UTC-05:00) Register

Product Manager Stephen Holicky and Advanced Software Engineer Andy Sutton will review how to save valuable time tagging your Niagara stations. Through this demonstration, participants will be able to gain an understanding of how to use the new HTML Tag Manager along with several tips on how to improve their overall tagging workflow.

Be sure to register today to attend the TridiumTalk on how this feature can make tagging easier to deploy and comprehend across your Niagara stations.

A Q&A session follows.

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