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TridiumTalk: Powered by Niagara Content Spotlight - Lynxspring & Conserve It

Solution developers can build the full features and functionality of Niagara 4 into their own edge devices. Tridium's 'Powered by Niagara' portability partners get all the benefits of the Niagara Framework® right down to utilizing Tridium’s licensing server to manage the software incidences. For equipment controllers, Niagara’s convenient edge tools make it easy to upgrade installed application templates and provide greater flexibility when defining and configuring peer device and/or station proxies upon installation of an application template.

Powered by Niagara portability partners gain the advantage of the building automation industry's standard platform for integration and control. Niagara doesn’t only belong on a JACE® and an Edge 10 controller. There is a growing family of devices leveraging the Niagara Framework, each bringing unique benefits.

Join this TridiumTalk for a spotlight on devices Powered by Niagara from Lynxspring and Conserve It.

JENEsys Edge® by Lynxspring, One Platform Many IP Possibilities™

Presenters: Robert Hirsh, Chief Technical Officer & Marc Petock, VP, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lynxspring

First released in 2017, JENEsys Edge portfolio is a series of flexible programmable and application-specific IP controllers and accompanying extension modules enabling IP connectivity, integration, interoperability, data access, and control at the edge.

The portfolio is ideal for any building and facility including small to mid-sized facilities, multi-site environments; plant and equipment control such as air handling units, rooftop units, boilers, fan coil units, heat pumps, and more and IoT applications requiring smart, edge technology.

This powerful portfolio meets today’s requirements to connect, manage and control closer to where the data is whether it be equipment, a single facility, or a multi-site environment. The versatility, functionality, and broad footprint of these controllers using the industry’s most widely deployed platform make them powerful, cost-effective, and economical solutions for system integrators, building operators, and equipment manufacturers.

CI-EdgeX1 by Conserve It, Powerful Robust Niagara Edge Controller for Applications from Edge to Cloud

Presenters: Richard McElhinney, Vice President of Technology & Chirayu Shah, Vice President of Operations, Conserve It

Conserve It has been Niagara Portability Partners since 2015, working on multiple products and projects using Platform Independent Niagara. First released in 2020, CI-EdgeX1 is a powerful Niagara Framework® controller, boasting the full capability of the Niagara Framework in a small footprint.

The CI-EdgeX1 is an ideal edge IoT gateway for aggregating all types of building data or undertaking full building control, automation and optimisation to support net zero and decarbonisation initiatives. It is one of the most powerful edge controllers boasting quad-core computing capabilities with 8 GB or 32 GB storage options. These controllers have been extensively used in critical applications like data centres, hospitals, universities, research facilities, commercial buildings and shopping centres amongst others. It is also OEMed by leading manufacturers to provide cutting edge applications like HVAC equipment control and entire chiller plant room optimisation like PlantPRO®.

Providing maximum performance at minimum cost, Conserve It Edge IoT and IO controllers are a new generation of controllers utilising the Niagara Framework®.

Register now to learn more about the benefits of being Powered by Niagara and some of the portability devices available today!

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