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Niagara 4.10 is Coming Soon

The general availability of Niagara Framework® 4.10 is just around the corner. This update to our software is designed to promote customer success in smart building and IoT deployments. From the largest enterprise customers to small single-site building owners, Niagara 4 end-users can directly access, analyze and act on a wide range of operational data in an easy, customized and secure way. Niagara 4.10 brings exciting new features that continue to evolve Niagara’s key tenets of visualization, rapid deployment, security, Edge, connectivity, certification and IT compliance. NEW IN NIAGARA 4.10

  • System Database Support for Tag Based PX: Niagara 4.6 introduced System Database which dramatically decreases the amount of time to integrate remote Niagara Network stations into a Supervisor. Tag-based PX binding was introduced in Niagara 4.9 enabling users to develop graphics once, and then re-use them across stations. Niagara 4.10 marries these two powerful solutions together to reduce the amount of time spent engineering your enterprise sites and to give you more time to spend providing value to the customer.

  • Improved Graphics Performance on the JACE: Utilize our new UX Media type to achieve faster graphics load time and enable instantaneous feedback on changing values. Niagara 4.10 will help you convert your existing PX graphics to a contemporary UI based on browser standards via a built-in migration tool!

  • Video Surveillance Viewer: Niagara 4.9 brought a number of improvements to our video processing capabilities (alarming, HTML5 views, streaming live and recorded video in browsers or mobile). In Niagara 4.10 we continue to build out the functionality by updating the Surveillance Viewer to enable functionality such as setting up and saving video layouts and clicking on any video stream to view a single camera.

  • HTML-5 Tag Manager: New HTML-5 Tag Manager provides a modern and intuitive design which enables a more efficient overall tagging workflow. Provides features such as bulk tagging via a browser, context sensitive tagging, seamlessly viewing direct and implied tags, exporting all tags to a spreadsheet for templating and ongoing management, drag-n-drop functionality, and more!

  • Bulk Certificate Signing Tool: New Workbench tool that improves certificate signing experience. Sign one or multiple certificates in bulk with the same CA and also generate signed certificates in PKCS7 format for compatibility with browsers.

  • MQTT Updates: A new MQTT Authenticator enabling JWT authentication (Google) enables seamless connectivity for Google-Cloud based applications.

  • ACE on Third-Party Hardware: Originally released in 4.8 for Edge 10, the ACE deterministic engine is now available to third-party vendors for inclusion in their own controllers powered by Niagara. Look for announcements from your favorite ‘Powered By Niagara’ controller as ACE is rolled out!

  • Supervisor Edge Licensing Scheme for Niagara Network Connections: Introducing a new licensing schema which allows you to connect 10 times more Edge devices that are using the Niagara stack to a Supervisor for the same price.

Be ready to offer Niagara 4.10 before Tridium announces the release to the global Niagara Community:

  1. Learn more about Niagara 4.10 by downloading the features overview and release notes.

  2. Get familiar with the breaking changes* with this release - Escaping by default in SpyWriter and Keystore Permission Checks

  3. Read more about Niagara 4.9 and IT Network Scanners*.

  4. Review the upgrade considerations* prior to upgrading to Niagara 4.10.

  5. Sign up to become an official Niagara early-access tester! You’ll get hands-on experience with the latest Niagara features. Contact for further information.

  6. New license features were added to enable the new Supervisor Edge Licensing Schema and Bulk Certificate Signing Tool. When deploying Niagara 4.10, Tridium recommends refreshing your license to pick up the new features added to the Niagara 4 Supervisor, JACE-8000, and Edge 10 parts.

  7. Customize the Niagara Supervisor data sheet using the editable source files.

  8. Visit the events page to watch the last TridiumTalk featuring a sneak peak at the new HTML5 Manager coming in Niagara 4.10.


Niagara Enterprise Security 4.10 brings updated cyber security and visualization enhancements included in the Niagara 4.10 framework release to your security customers. Version upgrades are available with purchase of a software maintenance agreement, or an active software maintenance agreement. Niagara Security JACE 6xx models are now scheduled for End-of-Life (EOL) July 1, 2021. This is consistent with Niagara AX EOL date for all Niagara AX Tridium products.

The final Enterprise Security build will be available mid-March. Be ready to offer Niagara Enterprise Security 4.10 before Tridium announces the release to the Global Niagara Community.

We look forward to joining with you to launch Niagara 4.10 and to helping users realize the limitless possibilities inherent in an open technology environment. More specific dates will be available in future communications. *All documentation subject to change up until 4.10 General Availability.



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