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Niagara 4.6 has arrived

Tridium has released Niagara 4.6, a significant advancement in our open framework. Niagara 4.6 provides fertile ground for developing applications that drive building automation systems forward and help businesses take full advantage of the IoT.

Niagara 4.6 ( follows the internal release of Niagara 4.5, a build used internally for testing and validating technology upgrades found in this newest release.


Supported by Tridium’s next-generation JACE® 8000 controller*, Niagara 4.6 offers power and potential not seen since the introduction of Niagara 4 in August 2015. Most exciting about Niagara 4.6 is how it modernizes the framework and provides ways for users to save time, effort and money during system installations through:

  • Access to a System DB spanning the entire Niagara system

  • Visualization enhancements, such as mobile refresh for PX views now offering dynamic response

  • Tools including bulk tagging and templating that reduce repetitive integration tasks and simplify consistent taxonomy in conformance with Brick, Haystack and other industry standards

Included as part of the Niagara 4.6 image, OPC UA 1.0.103 is the updated version of Tridium’s standard open driver for industrial applications, featuring customer-reported defect fixes and performance improvements. More detail can be found in the release notes.

Another plus of Niagara 4.6 is data encryption on a JACE 8000 or Niagara Supervisor that meets the FIPS 140-2 federal standard. Users can leverage Niagara 4.6 to win contracts for government jobs and pursue opportunities in mission-critical industries such as banking. Be sure to download the new FIPS setup guide and pricing.

*Legacy JACEs are supported by versions up to Niagara 4.4. Compare JACE controller compatibility.



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