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Niagara AX End-of-Life Update - Niagara AX to N4 License Migrator

On April 13, Tridium will offer the option to migrate Niagara AX Supervisor licenses to the Niagara 4 licensing model. As we’ve previously announced, Niagara AX licensing ends July 1, 2021. Migrating your Supervisor license will allow you to purchase additional license options after July 1, 2021 and beyond. Your Niagara 4 license will also be updated with the standard features Tridium releases as continuous improvements are made. This option is enabled for Niagara AX Supervisor models that have a current SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement) and a corresponding N4 Supervisor model within the same brand. The AX to N4 license migrator will create a Niagara 4 license with the same standard features as the migrated Niagara AX license within the same brand. License options that are not owned by Tridium will not be transferred. License options that are not supported in Niagara 4 will not be transferred. For detailed examples of migration, please view the Niagara AX to N4 Migrator presentation. Niagara AX to N4 license migration will be available until July 1, 2023. Make sure you are prepared for availability of the migration tool:

  1. Make sure that Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) options are available for purchase on your existing AX Supervisor models.

  2. Review any standard features available on your AX Supervisors and cross-check these with your corresponding N4 Supervisor models. If standard features are absent on the N4 Supervisor model, determine how you will resolve the discrepancy.

  3. Review applications and drivers owned by your organization that were available on the AX platform. Determine if these options are supported with Niagara 4 and prepare communications to your customers for actions that will be needed after the migration.

  4. Check your branded license options that are owned by Tridium to make sure that a base option is specified.

  5. If you have questions, please contact your Tridium sales representative.

  6. Join us for an OEM Q&A session on March 30, 2021 - Option 1: 9 AM ET, Option 2: 4 PM ET

Niagara SoftJACE Support Niagara SoftJACE licenses will not be migrated. The licenses will continue to operate beyond July 1, 2021, and maintenance can be purchased on the licenses for the foreseeable future to allow them to run at the current Niagara version. New SoftJACE licenses are not available for purchase. Niagara Workbench Support Existing Workbench licenses will continue to be maintained by Tridium with the latest features and will not be migrated to a new model (with some exceptions). Existing Workbench models will be edited to change the “Base Model” to the Niagara 4 version (SUP-DEMO). This will enable Tridium to update licenses based upon those models by updating the SUP-DEMO base model. Existing Niagara AX workbench models that were created as a rebrand of Niagara AX models will not be available for purchase after July 1, 2021. Starting July 1, 2021 only workbench licenses based on Tridium’s Niagara 4 model (SUP-DEMO) will be available for purchase. Make sure you have rebranded Tridium’s SUP-DEMO model. Niagara Asset Manager and ESMA (Enterprise Software Maintenance Agreement). Good News! Tridium will be extending our ESMA promotion through December 15, 2021. Using Asset Manager to track devices and purchasing ESMA enables system owners to track the status of licenses and manage software maintenance renewals. Other Niagara Updates and Reminders

  • July 1, 2021: Niagara AX End of Life. Includes Niagara AX Licensing and Legacy JACE hardware.

  • October 1, 2021: Niagara 4.4 End of Support. With the release of LTS Niagara 4.10, Tridium is ending support of Niagara 4.4.

  • November 1, 2022: Changes in JACE 8000 support. Versions below 4.9u1 will not be supported with new JACE licenses and SD cards.

If you have any questions, please email

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