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Niagara Licensing Migration - RESCHEDULED FOR JULY 2021

The Niagara Central Licensing application is being upgraded to a cloud hosted platform. This upgrade will improve performance and reliability to provide a better user experience. UPDATE: The migration of Niagara Central Licensing to the cloud hosted platform has been rescheduled to July. During this migration the Niagara Central licensing system will be offline. There will be no change to the way customers access the licensing server once the application is back online. The website and log-in information will remain the same.

  • What: Niagara Central Licensing application is being upgraded to a cloud platform

  • When: July 2021 - Confirmed date will be provided in a future communication

  • Why: System update and migration to a cloud hosted platform to improve user experience

  • Impact: System will be offline during the migration

If you have an emergency licensing request, please contact and provide the following information:

  • Contact name

  • Contact email

  • Contact phone number

  • Emergency license request details

    • Host ID

    • Product(s) and quantity

    • Purchase order number

    • Shipping/billing address (required for order processing)

An emergency license request is defined as a site or building that is inoperable and requires a software license upgrade or software license replacement to resume operation. Only these types of requests will be processed.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. As always, thank you for your continued partnership.

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