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PlantPRO 2.11 Released

Conserve It has officially released the latest version of our Central Plant Optimisation Solution - PlantPRO 2.11.

New Features in PlantPRO 2.11

  • Support for Secondary Hot Water: This feature provides the flexibility to configure and control secondary hot water pumps in both 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems. This feature improves operational efficiency and provides a customisable approach to hot water management, catering to the unique needs of each facility.

  • Stage Down to Stage Zero: This feature allows users to disable chillers and operate a chilled water primary pump only under specific scenarios, such as low load conditions or before the scheduled end. This capability ensures energy savings by adapting the system's operation to real-time demand.

Improved Cooling Tower Isolation Valve Operation

  • User-definable Default Valve State on Plant Shutdown: Facility managers now have the option to set the default state of cooling tower isolation valves (Open or Closed) upon plant shutdown, offering greater control over the system's response to operational changes.

  • User-definable Option to Only Open Isolation Valves When a Cooling Tower Fan Needs to Be Enabled: This functionality allows for more precise control over cooling tower operations, ensuring that isolation valves are opened only when necessary, thereby optimising energy use and operational efficiency.

  • Improved Control to Ensure Any Tower Outside of the Tower-to-Chiller Max Ratio Does Not Have Its Isolation Valve Opened: This enhancement ensures optimal performance by preventing unnecessary operation of cooling towers that do not contribute to efficient chiller operation, thus saving energy and reducing wear and tear on equipment.

For more information on these new features, please contact the Conserve It team.



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