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Project Haystack Announces Dates For 2023 Haystack Connect Conference

Project Haystack has announced the dates and venue for its Haystack Connect 2023 Conference. Conserve It is a proud Founding Member of Project Haystack.

Haystack Connect 2023 will take place June 5-7, 2023, at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Nashville Downtown in Nashville, Tennessee. This new-build hotel, which opened in late 2022, is the largest Embassy Suites in the United States. With an unparalleled location in the center of Nashville, the 30-story hotel extends high into Nashville’s skyline, offering breathtaking views from all angles and is within steps of the city’s top attractions. Haystack Connect provides a unique, open-forum for professionals involved in automation, control and the Internet of Things to learn and share the latest technologies and techniques for connecting systems and utilizing device data in applications including intelligent buildings, energy management, remote monitoring, and other IoT devices and applications.

Attendees include the community of Project Haystack supporters encompassing engineers, developers and other professionals from leading technology suppliers, system integrators and service firms who come together to further advance the state-of-the-art of managing, presenting, and analyzing the vast amounts of data generated by today’s IoT devices, smart equipment and systems.

The two-and-a-half-day long conference includes keynote presentations, a vendor exhibition hall, and a packed schedule of technical sessions covering data acquisition, communications, protocol translation, data visualization, analytics, data semantics, modeling, and security—all critical technologies essential to using operational data to drive improved performance. This year’s event is the seventh Haystack Connect conference and the first in-person conference since 2019. More information about Haystack Connect is available at

About Project Haystack

Since its formation in 2011, the Project Haystack Organization has grown tremendously providing the industry with an open-source, collaborative environment where people and companies work together to address the challenge of utilizing semantic modeling to streamline the interchange of device data among software applications.

The devices that make up the Internet of Things—automation systems, metering systems, sensors, and smart devices—produce tremendous amounts of data. This data is very hard to organize and use across different applications because it is stored in many different formats, has inconsistent naming conventions, and very limited data descriptors. In essence, data lacks information to describe its meaning. Without meaning, a time-consuming, manual effort is required before value can be derived from the data.

To address this challenge, the Project Haystack community has defined an easy-to-use methodology to describe the meaning of data using a simple, extensible data-tagging approach and standard models for common equipment systems. The community-developed materials include detailed documentation describing the data modeling techniques, significant libraries of equipment models, and software reference implementations allowing software applications to easily consume smart device data that is marked-up with “Haystack Tags”. These data descriptors allow software applications to automatically consume, interpret, analyze, and present data from IoT devices, smart equipment and systems.

Project Haystack is a member-driven organization. More information about the Project Haystack Organization and membership is available at: For Developers, the Discussion Forums and Working Groups can be found at: The Haystack 4 Developers site is being transitioned to

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