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Totem Trusted™ OT Cybersecurity Risk Management SaaS services from Conserve It

Conserve It, is excited to announce that it has signed an exclusive Distribution partnership with Totem Building Cybersecurity LLC (Totem), Virginia, USA.

Totem is an OT (Operational Technology) systems risk management SaaS platform creator of products and services, enabling full cybersecurity assessment, remediation, operation continuity, network security, user administration and compliance monitoring for any OT system installed in global Commercial Real Estate (CRE) property portfolios.

Today millions of non-residential buildings globally, contain intelligent and smart IoT OT systems including, HVAC, Lighting, Access, CCTV, Security, Fire and Safety, Vertical Transportation etc. Increasingly these OT systems and their down stream devices are accessible with remote “cloud” based applications enabling the leveraging of analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to more efficiently and effectively manage the built space for the buildings’ occupiers and owners.

This represents over 10,000,000 OT systems presenting a very large cyber attack surface for bad actors. This is why there has been a rapid rise in instances of OT system cyber-attacks globally, each instance costing from 10’s of thousands to millions of USD to recover from.

Totem’s products and managed services seamlessly bridge the gap between the fragmented OT systems industry and the building’s managers, users and owners Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISO).

Now OT Systems vendors, contractors and managers can operate and maintain their systems in a cyber-safe Totem TrustedTM manner that conforms to internationally recognised standards such as the NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework delivering meaningful risk status ratings recognised and respected by CIOs and CISOs around the world.

With Totem’s cybersecurity risk management services Conserve It will be able to empower its regional channel partners to expand their business in offering Totem Trusted managed services to both existing and new end clients.

Conserve It is able to provide all the necessary local Totem training and support.

“We are excited by this partnership bringing such a powerful combination to market. Conserve It’s knowledge and understanding of IoT and smart building control systems, combined with Totem’s “Trusted” approach to critical risk management in the non-residential built environment, will allow us to offer our customers a highly sought after internationally recognised cybersecurity solution,” said Chirayu Shah, Conserve It General Manager.

“Partnering with Conserve It further builds upon our global route to market strategy working with the best in each global region,” said Steve Fey, Totem Building Cybersecurity CEO. “It enables more Totem TrustedTM OT systems and buildings to be delivered across an important and dynamic region of the world.”

About Conserve It

Conserve It is an international leader in Smart IoT Solutions, building automation and HVAC solutions, having designed the award-winning plant room optimisation solution PlantPRO and is a founding member of Project Haystack.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, the Conserve It team has a wealth of knowledge and vast experience in control and optimisation solutions that ensure central plant equipment runs efficiently, minimises energy consumption and maximises cost saving opportunities. For more information, please visit

About Totem Building Cybersecurity

Totem Building Cybersecurity Operational Technology (OT) risk management SaaS platform bridges the technical and cultural gap with Information Technology (IT). It is focused on the particular challenges of the global Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry empowering OT system vendors, operators, maintenance and facility management to deliver Totem Trusted solutions and buildings. Its Totem solution and services are based upon knowledge and experienced gained, from more than 1,000 building cybersecurity risk assessment projects completed, globally, by its founders. For more information, please visit

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