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Celebrating 1M Instances of Niagara Deployed!

The Instance Counter for Niagara licensing is accelerating toward the 1 million mark, as you can see at We know that reaching this milestone took the combined energy and talents of so many people – system integrators, contractors, specifiers, present employees, past employees, developers and end users. Product is important but the community - the Niagara Community - around that product is the real key to the success. In partnership with you, Tridium has built the industry's leading IoT/BMS platform, as well as the largest, most cohesive and most innovative user community.

Conserve It is proud to be a part of the Niagara ecosystem and will continue to assist Tridium to achieve the next milestone of 10 Million!

Conserve It is an international leader in Smart IoT Solutions, building automation and HVAC solutions. Conserve It is also one of the largest Tridium Distributor, Reseller & OEM in Asia Pacific and the only authorised distributor in Australia.

As Developers, we build market-ready, Edge to Cloud solutions through best-in-class hardware and software solutions as a Tridium OEM, through our range of Conserve It Edge IoT Controllers. We are Industry Disruptors through our award-winning, smart machine learning chiller plant controls and optimisation solution PlantPRO® based on Tridium's Niagara Framework. With ongoing research and development, we work with our partners and local government to look into systems and solutions to ensure the future opportunities and trends are realised.

We sense exciting momentum in the market this year, and we're sure you are feeling it too. Our Niagara instance counter is one measure of just how much faster the market is moving.

In 2010, about 15 years after Tridium was founded, the Niagara instance counter passed the 200K milestone. From 2010 until now, the Niagara Community added about 800K to the count. And this year, as Niagara passes the 1M mark, licenses are being added faster than ever before. Needless to say, these are exciting time at Tridium!

Tridium and Conserve It have a few activities planned this summer to engage everyone in the Niagara Community in the celebration of 1 million instances of Niagara deployed.

  1. We both want to hear your stories. "What has being a Niagara Partner meant to your business?" If you can write us a few lines about that, we will be collecting them into a 'Journey to 1 Million' story to be published and shared. Send your submissions to

  2. We also invite system integrators, developers, end users and others in the Niagara Community to tell us more about their Niagara deployments, as explained here. Tridium will be sharing these stories via a social media campaign that offers prizes, opportunity for publicity and general information sharing among the Niagara Community.

We hope you will participate as we celebrate this milestone. Thank you for your partnership, your commitment, your trust and most of all your friendship over the years as this has been quite a ride. But don’t get too comfortable… Next on the horizon is 10 million!

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