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Conserve It announces major update, releases PlantPRO version 2.8

Conserve It is pleased to announce the release of new features and improvements to our award-winning chiller plant optimisation solution, PlantPRO. PlantPRO 2.8 is now available for general release through Conserve It’s VARs and OEM partners.

New Features

  • Added chiller duplication functionality

  • Added a new primary pump control strategy for primary secondary plants (based on decoupler line flow)

  • New cooling tower control strategy

  • New water circuit configuration user interface


  • Improved fault rollover algorithm for Smart Sequencing

  • Amended the secondary pump control strategy

  • Modified the behaviour of chiller flow safety interlocks in a pump group configuration when pump control strategy is set to Field DP

  • Improved default configuration of Alarms

  • Fixed the external cooling tower enable not being linked correctly

  • All sensor points are now available for charting

  • Additional support for Dual Production (Mixed Cooling & Heating) Units

  • Additional support for Heating capable plants (Staging)

  • Additional support for Heating capable plants (Optimization)

  • Added backend support for reversible heat recovery chillers/heat pumps

Conserve It is extremely excited to make these announcements, continuing our commitment to the ongoing maintenance and development of our PlantPRO technology. This latest release demonstrates our ability to deliver on our promise to customers and partners, as well as our commitment to develop and deploy sustainable and efficient chiller plants in the built environment.

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