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Conserve It named Platinum Sponsor for Haystack Connect 2019

Conserve It has been named as Platinum Sponsor for Haystack Connect 2019 in San Diego, California from May 13-15, 2019.

Haystack Connect is an annual conference where the Project Haystack community has the opportunity to network, share, create synergy and generate new business opportunities.

Haystack Connect 2019 is organised and produced by the Project Haystack Organization—an open source community of people and companies who share the vision that a connected, collaborative community can move the industry forward in ways that no single supplier can. The Project Haystack Organization is a 501(c) nonprofit trade association supported by its member companies, other organizations and individuals. The event builds on the inspiration and mission of the community to address the challenges of making smart device data work seamlessly across applications of all types.

The Project Haystack Vision

Technology continues to drive rapid change in smart devices, smart buildings, energy management and operational efficiency. The most significant advances are driven not by a single company, but rather by collaboration and a community of companies creating open, best of breed technologies that work together through a range of open protocols and software interfaces. The work of the Project Haystack community addresses a critical gap that has limited the flow of data from smart devices to value-added applications, by making that data self-describing and easy to use.

For more information on Haystack Connect 2019 visit

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Conserve It and Project Haystack

As a Founding Member of Project Haystack, Conserve It has been integral to the growth of the community since inception of the Project Haystack Corporation in 2014.

Conserve It works closely alongside other internationally renowned companies that form the Project Haystack Board of Directors including Intel, Lynxspring, Siemens, J2 Innovations, Legrand and SkyFoundry.

As Platinum Sponsor of Haystack Connect 2019, Conserve It will be showcasing their range of Smart IoT Solutions, as well as sharing their knowledge and expertise on semantic modelling applications, information interoperability, and how the use of these technologies interconnect to streamline the processes of working with substantial amounts of data sets in the modern world of IoT.

Conserve It already implements Haystack across solutions including the award-winning PlantPRO® – Plant Performance Reliability Optimisation solution.

About Conserve It

Conserve It develops and distributes an OEM range of unique building automation products and technologies like Conserve It Edge IOT Controllers for automation and controls applications and PlantPRO® focused on controlling, optimising, monitoring and reporting of cooling and heating central plants.

Conserve It also distributes a complete range of:

  • Conserve It Smart Edge IoT Controllers

  • Building Automation Controllers from Tridium, Easy IO & Ontrol

  • Analytics and Visualisation software from Tridium, SkySpark, Atrius Solutions Builder (formerly DGLux5) & Kodaro

  • Third Party Niagara Applications and Drivers from Kodaro, Quicklink, Maxline and eliteDali

  • Sensors & Metering from VerisControls, Actuators and Valves from Neptronic

  • Remote Connectivity and Security from Tosibox

For more information on Conserve It visit

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