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Conserve It releases latest advance in PlantPRO technology, version 2.2.1

Conserve It is pleased to announce the latest release of its award-winning chiller plant optimisation solution, PlantPRO. PlantPRO 2.2.1 is now available for general release through Conserve It’s VARs and OEM partners. This latest release of Conserve It’s PlantPRO technology includes numerous improvements and features, including:

  • Expanded cooling tower controls and hardening of fault handling in the cooling tower control program

  • Improved transitioning between chiller sequences

  • Updates and improvements to the PROCOP calculation for validating chiller performance

  • Additional checks and features for the Smart Sequencing program that will deliver even higher reliability and efficiency in the plant room

  • Re-designed Commissioning and Plant Manager pages

  • New isolation valve control program that handles a wider range of scenarios and considers a range of software interlocks for improved control

  • Added the ability to configure Smart Sequencing in Imperial Units using Fahrenheit, kW/Ton, etc.

  • Added the ability to configure the currency displayed in the monthly Energy Report

  • Numerous UI enhancements and improvements

Conserve It is committed to the ongoing maintenance and development of our PlantPRO technology with these latest release continuing our ability to deliver on our commitment to customers and partners, as well as our promise to develop and deploy sustainable and efficient chiller plants in the built environment.

For more information on any of these exciting developments please contact Conserve It in your local region:

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