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Conserve It releases three new applications for Niagara 4

Conserve It, a premier developer of software and solutions for Tridium’s Niagara 4 software framework, is pleased to announce the introduction of three new applications with immediate availability for our partners and customers. The new apps bring exciting options and possibilities for Niagara 4 System Integrators in the areas of general Niagara programming, integration and messaging services. The new applications complement Conserve It’s range of hardware and software solutions including PlantPRO, Conserve It’s award winning chiller plant optimisation solution.

Conserve It Telegram Connector

Telegram is a free, open-source, cloud-based global messaging platform boasting more than 400 million users around the world. Conserve It has developed and implemented a connector that can be configured using the standard Niagara 4 Workbench tools, allowing a Telegram user to receive alarm notifications as well as interact with a Niagara station using an intuitive menu-based system. The use of the Telegram platform is free for clients and is available for all major platforms including Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Linux, MacOS and Windows. Version 1.0 of the Conserve It Telegram Connector allows users the ability to extract information based on a custom configuration that is easily performed using the Wiresheet and components.

Conserve It Utilities Module

Conserve It is continually developing new and useful Niagara components for its own internal use through deployment on our PlantPRO chiller plant optimisation solution. Based on demand from the marketplace, Conserve It is pleased to advise that we will be making these components available under license to our System Integrator partners and customers. The initial release focuses on components to support the use of NEQL in Niagara 4, analysis of history and trend log data as well as a customer sequencing component that has been used for bespoke control of mechanical equipment in numerous settings. With plans for the release of further components, Conserve It is looking to work with System Integrators and develop new features to aid in the efficient deployment of Niagara 4 solutions.

Conserve It SparkplugB MQTT Integration

Through our ever-expanding and growing customer base, Conserve It has been asked to develop and implement an integration for the SparkplugB standard using MQTT as the transport layer protocol. SparkplugB (Sparkplug) is an application layer specification for the standardisation of the MQTT topic namespace, device state management, and the MQTT payload. Typically, MQTT implementations do not have a clear definition of any of these aspects of integrating IoT, BAS or SCADA applications. Originally designed for the SCADA and industrial automation industries, MQTT and the Sparkplug standard improves and enhances the use of MQTT. Conserve It brings the use of the Sparkplug standard into Niagara 4 using a standard Niagara service and components that allow System Integrators the ability to quickly and easily construct Sparkplug payloads and configure the service to talk to an MQTT broker and SCADA system. This new integration opens up applications and possibilities for the use of Niagara 4 in IIoT settings such as manufacturing, food and beverage production, water management and electricity networks.

For more information on any of these exciting developments please contact Conserve It in your local region:

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