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Michael Berger to present at Australasian Building Simulation Conference

Conserve It’s Head of R&D, Michael Berger, will be presenting A Real-World Application of Machine Learning and Optimal Control Simulation for Chilled Water Plants at the Australasian Building Simulation Conference on July 21st.

In commercial buildings, the chilled water plant is typically the most energy-intensive centralised component, therefore decreasing its energy consumption is key to improving the energy efficiency of buildings and contributing to reducing CO2 emissions. The complexity of these systems has grown in the past few decades, and today numerous variables that have an impact on the overall plant energy usage can be adjusted during operation.

Berger will discuss an optimal control strategy involving the application of Machine Learning in order to improve the overall energy efficiency of chilled water plants.

About the Australasian Building Simulation Conference

AIRAH and the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) Australasia are proudly hosting the joint Building Simulation Conference in Brisbane, Australia and online on Wednesday, July 20 and Thursday, July 21, 2022.

The conference will educate, share, and build the knowledge of our industry on how simulation contributes to carbon- and climate-responsive outcomes both at a building and precinct scale.

The event will feature leading industry experts addressing six key conference themes:

  • Paving the way for the energy transition

  • Climate change and adaptive design

  • Resilience and regenerative design

  • Health and indoor environment quality

  • Existing buildings

  • Future of cities and the workplace



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