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New PlantPRO and PlantPRO CORE Release – PlantPRO v2.1.3

We have now released the latest version of PlantPRO which includes a number of performance and control improvements. Many of the changes have been made ‘under the hood’, but there are also a number of changes that you can see while browsing the PlantPRO user interface.

To summarise the major updates:

Major upgrade to PlantPRO unit sequencer. The PlantPRO unit sequencer has been refactored to improved control reliability and increase program efficiency. No change was undertaken to the sequencing algorithms, so the control that you are already familiar with remains consistent, it is the core program managing the sequencing has been greatly improved for reliability and performance.

Introduction of upgrade service. To reduce the manual work required when upgrading PlantPRO, Conserve It has developed the PlantPRO upgrade service to programmatically scan the PlantPRO Niagara station and make the required changes to match the latest software version. This greatly reduces upgrade labour time and makes the overall upgrade process much more robust.

Visualisation improvements. Various improvements to user dashboard and configuration user interface for both PlantPRO and PlantPRO CORE.

Data logging improvements - Various improvements in data logging functions to improve troubleshooting capabilities in both PlantPRO and PlantPRO CORE.

Control improvements. Various improvements in control functions to increase reliability of the existing control algorithms for both PlantPRO and PlantPRO CORE. Including an extensive hardening of headered pump control algorithms.

End user and configuration manuals. Updated PlantPRO and PlantPRO CORE end user and configuration manuals, including a more detailed sequence of operation and FAQ section.

For more information on this new release contact one of our PlantPRO specialists.

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