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New PlantPRO and PlantPRO CORE release – PlantPRO v2.2.0

The Conserve It development team have been working hard on the latest updates to PlantPRO. The latest iteration of Conserve It’s chiller plant optimisation solution, PlantPRO v2.2.0, has now been released.

PlantPRO V2.2.0 includes a number of ‘under the hood’ improvements for performance, control and optimisation, as well as some additional improvements that can be seen and utilised by the PlantPRO users.

To summarise the major improvements in PlantPRO v2.2.0:

New PlantPRO Smart Sequencing user interface

PlantPRO’s advanced Smart Sequencing has benefited from a completely new data model review page. The configuration user can now visualise the individual chiller model learned by PlantPRO directly from the PlantPRO ‘Sequencing’ configuration page.

Added to this, an improved Smart Sequencing ‘Staging’ configuration means that the control and optimisation can be further tuned directly from the configuration user interface to extract the best possible savings from this advanced optimisation algorithm.

New PlantPRO Runtime Balance user interface

For chiller plants that preference balancing run hours of units, a new PlantPRO run time balance configuration user interface has been developed. Configuration users will now be able to view the priority order of units, set a schedule for rotation, or manually action a unit rotation from within the ‘Staging’ page.

This additional user interface capability will improve the speed of deployment for PlantPRO commissioning/configuration engineers.

Niagara Webstart configuration

PlantPRO is built upon the powerful Niagara Framework, to further harness the power of the Niagara Framework PlantPRO now has the integrated capability of enabling and subsequently launching the Niagara Webstart application.

The Niagara Webstart functionality allows for advanced configuration and commissioning functionality for any PlantPRO trained engineers, not just those with access to the Niagara Workbench.

Control improvements

The PlantPRO standard control and optimisation algorithms are being continually improved for both increased reliability and greater optimisation. In the PlantPRO v2.2.0 release, a significant focus has been placed on improving the reliability of chiller isolation valve control, dedicated pump control and additional chiller plant safeties for plants without chilled water bypasses.

End user dashboard improvements

The PlantPRO team is always listening to feedback from our valued customers, as such we have implements several small improvements to the PlantPRO end user dashboard screens to improve the experience for PlantPRO Value Added Resellers and end users. For example, for markets where SI units (°C, kPa, L/s) are utilised, but ton and kW/Ton are important we have implemented a change in PlantPRO v2.2.0 to allow for the viewing of both instantaneous kW/Ton and COP at the same time.

For more information about the PlantPRO v2.2.0 release, please contact your local PlantPRO Value Added Reseller or Conserve It via .

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