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New PlantPRO Release v 2.0.8

Conserve It is excited to announce the release of the latest iteration of our award-winning PlantPRO solution, version 2.0.8. Over the past year, the team has worked very hard to roll out several new features as well as make numerous improvements to existing functionality.

For customers who missed any of the release notes published as part of the incremental PlantPRO 2.0 version updates released thus far, below is a summary of new features and improvements included in PlantPRO version 2.0.8.

New Features:

  • Added functionality for High Availability (HA) to ensure continuous uninterrupted plant operation using the PlantPRO Learn Mode.

  • Developed PlantPRO CORE, a feature-packed but more affordable chiller plant control solution for cost sensitive and smaller-scale applications.

  • Added functionality to support series-counterflow chiller configurations, in addition to more common parallel chiller configurations.

Improved Features:

  • Optimised end-user screens for faster browsing and better user experience.

  • Performed numerous application level housekeeping tasks for more efficient use of hardware resources, resulting in lower overall CPU and memory usage.

  • Fixed bugs relating to configuration and network integration screens to improve user experience and reduce engineering effort.

Despite the many new developments noted above, we are constantly striving to improve the PlantPRO solution and currently have several exciting new features in the works. Keep an eye out for our next PlantPRO release.

For now, we would highly recommend keeping your sites updated to the latest PlantPRO version to take advantage of all new features and performance improvements as we release them.

Please email if you need support or more details on the latest PlantPRO release.

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