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Overhauling the Chiller Model in Project Haystack

By utilising Project Haystack to model an electrical chiller or heating machine, significant benefits can be found, although as thought leaders within both the chiller plant optimisation and Project Haystack communities, Conserve It is proposing an alternate method of modelling these machines that accounts for some existing shortcomings in the current framework.

The machine modelling methodology proposed in “Overhauling the Chiller Model in Project Haystack” written by Conserve It’s Richard McElhinney, Callum Rosel and Filippo Bernardello is vital to generically model heating/cooling plant equipment of varying levels of mechanical complexity.

As the uptake of mixed production and heat recovery machines continues to increase, the importance of a generic Haystack model to suit becomes more important.

Let’s keep this conversation progressing, if anyone has any interest in discussing this further or even taking it into a working group please contact Conserve It.

You can read more about our proposed methods in more detail in the latest edition of Project Haystack Connections Magazine.



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