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PlantPRO deployment at ANZ Centre 833 Collins St, Melbourne named as finalist at 2019 AIRAH Awards

A PlantPRO deployment at ANZ Centre 833 Collins St, Melbourne has been recognised as a finalist in the Excellence in Sustainability category at the 2019 AIRAH Awards. The awards recognise Australian initiatives that have made clear improvements in the sustainability of HVAC&R systems or the HVAC&R industry.

ANZ Centre 833 Collins Street – further optimising sustainability

ANZ Centre at 833 Collins Street is a 14-storey low-rise “groundscraper” featuring a fully connected floorplan and dynamic central atrium space. At the time of completion in 2009, 833 Collins Street was considered one of the world’s greenest bank buildings with a 6-star Green Star Building.

Yet despite the building’s strong environmental sustainability position, opportunities to further optimise the efficiency of the building were continually researched. This mindset of non-complacency led to a solution that ultimately further increased the environmental efficiency of the building.

In late 2017, Airmaster was appointed to manage both the base building and tenant HVAC and electrical systems. To maintain the building’s high energy efficiency standards, it was recommended that the operating plant be reviewed. With the support of JLL, the site’s facility management company, ANZ invested in Airmaster and Conserve It’s services to investigate and identify if further sustainable energy efficiency outcomes could be achieved.

Airmaster and Conserve It worked closely with JLL to assess the plant. The chiller plant optimisation solution PlantPRO was subsequently deployed, bringing an immediate improvement in running costs and saw the site track an associated 30% energy savings compared to the same time 12 months prior.

This project demonstrates that no matter the age of the building, there can always be opportunities to further optimise its energy efficiency ensuring a better outcome for both the tenant and the environment.

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