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Regulatory compliance made easier by new Niagara 4 application

Tridium Professional Services has released a Niagara 4 e-signature application that helps users mitigate risk of failed regulatory audits. The new e-signature application allows Niagara 4 users to create and manage controlled audit logs to ensure data is accurate, time and date stamped, and unalterable.

The Niagara 4 e-signature application offers procedural and technical controls necessary for a compliant Method Of Procedure (MOP) and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). It is particularly helpful to regulated businesses that are required to meet the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11.

When manual changes and overrides are required, this new application can ensure the changes and overrides are made by authorized personnel, approved by managers and documented in audit files to maintain an accurate record.

E-signature licensing options for users of Niagara 4.2 or higher versions are available to those who have completed required training.

Be sure to:

  • Reserve your seat today in one of the required instructor-led virtual training courses (part number TRN-CRS-N4-ESIGN) offered by Tridium University. The 2.5-hour “Niagara 4 E-Signature Certification (Virtual)” course will be offered monthly. Click to view the upcoming schedule.

  • Download the release notes, technical documentation and more that will be made available to students.

  • Click to download the data sheet.

Tridium will be sending an announcement to the global Niagara Community on May 8 to promote the Niagara 4 e-signature application, and related training courses and TridiumTalk webinars.

If you have any technical questions, please contact To reserve your seat for the training, contact We look forward to you benefiting from the new Niagara 4 e-signature application!

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