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Release of Niagara 4.3u1 offers BACnet AWS certification

Niagara 4.3 Supervisor is now BACnet® certified. Specifically, Niagara 4.3u1 ( received BACnet Advanced Workstation (B-AWS) certification, along with the corresponding BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS) certification.

These certifications are designed to ensure the interoperability of BACnet products. Tridium’s B-AWS certification and B-OWS certification enhance the ability for users to monitor and control a BACnet system through the Niagara 4 Supervisor.

We will be sending an announcement to the global Niagara Community next week that will include a link to release notes with detail on features and bug fixes.

As a reminder, Tridium recommends you utilize the latest patches and updates. The latest Niagara 4.3 consolidated patches and updates can be found here.

Please contact your Tridium account manager or Niagara partner if you need help with image rebranding. We look forward to you benefiting from Niagara 4.3u1



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