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Tridium Announces Niagara Analytics 2.1 and other significant product advancements

Tridium has released a number of significant product advancements to the Niagara solution suite as described here.


Niagara Analytics 2.1 brings the ability to create and run energy reports to the end user. The seven new energy report templates available with this release are configurable from the web UI and can be saved for future use.

New HTML5 Analytic Web Chart and Analytic Web Table widgets that improve visualization capabilities are available with this release. Analytic Web Chart and Analytic Web Table are configurable from the browser view. The Analytic Web Table supports multiple analytic bindings.

Features for handling missing data have been introduced in this release. Now you have the option of enabling a calculation to estimate missing data values. This feature is valuable for roll-up calculations, tables and charts.

Normalization for area and degree-days, baseline capability, and time filter block enhancements round out the new features for this release. These features enhance the ability to compare facilities against each other, and compare current energy usage with baseline values.

The following collateral for Niagara Analytics Release 2.1 is now available:


Now the full-featured enterprise security solution proven in previous Niagara versions is available on the powerful Niagara 4.6 platform.

With Niagara Enterprise Security, you can seamlessly integrate access control, identity, video surveillance, intrusion and visitor management systems with other building automation services such as lighting, HVAC and energy management all using powerful Niagara framework capabilities.

Niagara Enterprise Security features have been migrated from the AX platform to the Niagara 4.6 platform. These features include advanced threat-level management, integrated photo ID, LDAP database integration, and ISOM database API with Easy Lobby integration.

Niagara Enterprise Security 2.4 licensing is consistent with the Niagara 4 licensing scheme. Just use the same JACE 8000 and Supervisor parts you use for building automation applications and add security licensing. Niagara Enterprise Security devices are excluded from global capacity licensing.


Milestone Xprotect® Professional, Professional+ and Corporate NVR and Axis® camera drivers are now available on the Niagara 4.6 platform. These drivers enhance your building security and situational awareness when used in conjunction with Niagara Enterprise Security or with a Niagara building automation system. When used with Niagara Enterprise Security, these video drivers enhance security by tagging video clips to events such as “Door Forced” alarms and by providing visual verification for building access. When cameras are associated with alarm points in either Niagara Enterprise Security or building automation applications, the alarm console allows the user to access both live and recorded video associated with an event directly from the alarm console.

Licensing for video drivers has been modified from the AX version to accommodate the high camera density typical of current video surveillance systems. Niagara video drivers are excluded from global capacity licenses.

The following collateral for Niagara Enterprise Security 2.4 and Video Drivers is now available:

Updated Niagara Data Sheets

The following data sheets have been updated with references to Niagara Analytics 2.1 and Niagara Enterprise Security 2.4

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