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Conserve It’s Filippo Bernardello to present at SkyFoundry SkyPosium EU 2019

Conserve It SRL's Plant Software Engineer and the EMEA Product Manager, Filippo Bernardello will be discussing Smart Building Analytics on the Edge at the upcoming SkyFoundry SkyPosium EU 2019.

Building analytics is far more than just an industry ‘buzz word’. Genuine value exists for all stakeholders when the extreme amounts of data from modern building systems are harnessed correctly. Smart building analytics can provide benefits for building owners, can provide value add services for system integrators and provide clear visibility for facility managers.

Smart building analytics can show itself in many different ways, each with its own value.

Filippo Bernardello will walk the audience through several layers of information regarding analytics on the edge.

Discussions regarding edge analytics will be undertaken, using SkySpark, taking advantage of Conserve It’s experience in plant room optimization systems. To wrap up the presentation, top tips to get a building analytics project off the ground will be shared.

About Filippo

Filippo Bernardello is the Plant Software Engineer and the EMEA Product Manager at Conserve It SRL, the brand-new European branch of Conserve It.

With diverse project deployment experience spanning Europe, Filippo is a highly skilled engineer with an in-depth knowledge of smart buildings, building automation, energy efficiency and IoT. Filippo has a strong background in computer science especially in data mining and deep learning algorithms.

Filippo has a deep understanding of the all layers of smart building applications, from technology selection, solution development, automation through to project implementation.

As the Plant Software Engineer and the EMEA Product Manager at Conserve It, Filippo uses his experience and knowledge to work with new and existing customers to improve their project and solution outcomes using best technologies available.

About SkyPosium EU 2019

Held in Rome, Italy from October 15-16, the event is designed for the entire community of SkySpark users - SkyFoundry's reseller partners, end users, engineering consultants, and SaaS providers—everyone that uses or applies SkySpark.

SkyPosium–EU provides 2 program tracks—one for hardcore developers and the other focused on applications, with the majority of presentations provided by the community. A general session delivered by SkyFoundry opens the event bringing everyone up to speed on the latest features and capabilities and provides a preview of our roadmap. With major portions of the program delivered by community members, it is a true community event.

Data science for the built environment is one of the hottest areas of technology and there is no question that the SkyFoundry community is leading the way. SkyPosium–EU is a unique one of a kind event that brings the community together for shared learning and networking.

In addition, a vendor showcase provides attendees with the opportunity to meet with companies that offer complementary products and services to the SkyFoundry community.

SkyFoundry SkyPosium EU 2019

Rome, Italy

15-16 October 2019

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