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SkyPosium 2020 is Going Virtual – New Dates and Format Announced

Like you, we have watched and hoped for a return to in-person events. It's clear that will not happen soon enough to accommodate our original SkyPosium 2020 plans. Waiting until next year just won’t cut it - we have important information to share with you and feel it is essential to provide an opportunity for the community to share and collaborate.

So, while it won’t be the same as the great in-person events we have all enjoyed in the past, SkyFoundry’s 2020 SkyPosium event will be virtual.


To minimize conflicts with other events, SkyPosium 2020 will be held on Oct 20, 21, and 22, 2020. Each day will consist of a blend of live and recorded presentations. Each day will start at 11AM ET (New York time) and run for ~2 – 2.5 hours.


As in the past, SkyPosium will include program tracks covering applications, business topics, best practices, and hardcore developer topics with significant portions of the content presented by community members. A general session delivered by SkyFoundry opens the event to bring everyone up to speed on the latest features and capabilities and provide a preview of our roadmap.

The APPLICATIONS & BUSINESS TRACK will again include the popular and exciting VIEW BUILDER AND CUSTOM APPLICATIONS BAKE OFF – with prizes awarded based on attendee votes. To enable participants from around the world to be part of the competition, these presentations will be pre-recorded (8 minutes each). Note that the theme for this session has been expanded based on last year’s input to include custom apps written with Fantom, Machine Learning applications, and the like.

A portion of the APPLICATIONS & BUSINESS TRACK will also be dedicated to unique applications and case studies. This part of the program has been a huge success in helping share best practices within our worldwide community.

We have lots of work to do here to prepare for an effective virtual SkyPosium event (including major product additions we are working on). We will provide more details on the program specifics, speaker submissions and registration over the coming weeks, but now is the time to plan to join us live – it’s always better live!

THE COST: Zero, zip, nada – it's free to all SkyFoundry customers and partners.

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